*But now in website form. Sorry if its bad I'm a child

HEY IM BACK A FEW DAYS OF DEVELOPMENT LATER I AM PROUD OF THIS. I made my butt learn a new programming language and made something succsesful

uwu 1 year later, this has made me into a tech nerd >:3!! super fun being the techy kid at school

anyways welcome to my wacky WIP website :DDD

my button :> (subject to change because it looks bad)

4calicocatsinatrenchcoat :D


My blog :D!!

Some art

Guest book. HEAVY WIP, but it works :P

Some buttons, we might be net neighbors or I just like their website

Goodbye Rikki

Free boop!

Source of the lil strawberry that has been here forever.

This is my friend's plush. His name is Garlic.

Anyways lets do an about me section!

hey I am the goofy person who made this fever dream of a website. (Atleast thats what I call it) I was nostalgic for an era I never saw ever since I got a computer. I usually go by cali on most places but I'm not that picky on what you call me here. Lemme overshare a bit, I am a girl who lives in the US, NY sepcifically and I absolutley don't understand baseball. I am a furry, an ametuer artist, and an artisan of all weird paper/cardboard crafts and hate sports. At the time of writing this I just recently discovered neocities and learned HTML. TLDR I am the definition of a kid raised on the internet correctly. Ok this is really scattered but I honestly don't care by now, I'm a horror fan of course my biography is the scarier than the shadow man in the corner of my room. I think you can tell a lot about a person from their favorite food and music, I love Pho and soup dumplings and tuna sashimi, my current favorite songs are Vulture Culture by fang club, Katamari by Femtanyl, Bones by imagine dragons, and finally Lovely Bastards by ZWE1HVNDXR, and yatashigang. Anyways thats all the info you're gonnna get out of me that isn't in russian. СЕЙЧАС УЙДИТЕ ИЗ МОЕГО ДОМА!

oh no neocities shit itself because of russian frick